2018 April 21 Saturday


Introducing koolancel

In countries with hot and dry climate like Iran using evaporative cooling system is one of the very much suitable options. In addition to being adaptable to the environment this type of cooling is remarkably economical in consuming energy.

Different types of evaporative cooling are developing in an ever-growing manner in the world right now, this issue is quickly increasing in Iran as well for different purposes including: residential, commercial, industrial, and in greenhouses, poultries, warehouses and etc.

Therefore it seems like an essential matter to achieve the world’s up-to date technical knowledge and technology regarding these issues.     

Kool & Cel Company has taken the measure of manufacturing different models of cellulose pads such as 5090, 7090 & … through vastly studying the field and accurately understanding the cooling markets’ necessities of Iran and depending on the world’s up-to-date technical knowledge and technology.  

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