2018 April 21 Saturday


Cellulose Pad

Cellulose pad is considered one of the media of evaporative cooling which are utilized in systems which have a high evaporative efficiency. Cellulose pad is made up of organized and wavy thin papers of cellulose which are made with a high wetting property which are intertwined with each other. Also they have been saturated with corrosion inhibitor chemical substances in order to be protected from decay and rotting.

The structure of cellulose pad is in a way that grooves with a 45 and 45 degree angle intersect the adjacent layer’s grooves with 45 and 45 degree angles. This is while the thin layers of water move downwards on the rigid surface and air moves from within open pores between the layers (the air current is normal to the water current). Due to the change in the direction of air which happens repeatedly, the consequent momentum, throws the floating particles into the thin layer of water which surrounds it and as a result these particles are poured into the container along with water. Therefore cellulose pad has a self-cleaning property even when there is dust in the air.

Hot and dry air à cool and humid air

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