2018 April 21 Saturday

Pleasant Air in the Cattle Farm

Pleasant Air in the Cattle Farm(model7090)

Usually for cooling the environments where domestic animals (like cows) are kept evaporative cooling is suitable, because the production of cow milk remarkably decreases where heat tension exists. The humid air moves among the animals and gets out through the windows. This air attracts the floor humidity and the smell and takes it out of the environment. Though using this method the individuals who take care of the animals also work in a cool and clean environment. Also the air which gets out through doors and windows prevent the insects from coming in.


  •         Increase in the production of domestic animal products
  •         The dust and smell gets out of the cattle farm
  •         The insects do not get in the cattle farm
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height 120cm 200cm According to customer order
Length 60cm    
width 5cm 30cm According to customer order

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