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Evaporative Cooling Products -Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative Cooling Products (Evaporative Cooler)(model 5090)

The efficiency of cellulose pads is more than straw. Because of the self-cleaning property they get deposited with sediments in a much longer time and their lifespan is more than the regular straws.

The organized and wavy arrangement of cellulose layers brings along with it less pressure drop in addition to providing a great interface between water and air which is in direct correlation with a decrease in consumed electricity.

The high level of water absorption in cellulose pad is another one of its advantages which is one of the important factors in the air cooling. One square meters of cellulose pad can absorb 100 liters of water.

The water drops not being carried is one of the most important issues in the cool air current which decreases the transfer of harmful respiratory bacteria and provides healthy air for the environment.


  •        More cooling
  •        The bacteria would not be transferred to the environment
  •        Longer lifespan in comparison to straw (approximately 4 times)
  from up to Description
height 20cm 200cm According to customer order
Length 50cm  100cm  According to customer order
width 5cm 30cm According to customer order

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