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Pleasant Air in Greenhouses


Pleasant Air in Greenhouses(model 7090)

Evaporative cooling is the most suitable cooling for greenhouses. This type of cooling keeps the highest temperature of the day under 80˚F (26.6˚C) in most areas. Also most of the dust, insects, and floating particles in the air are ventilated through the pads.

In addition, the cooling from evaporative cooling decreases the amount of water needed for irrigation and the consequent humidity prevents the perspiration of plants and it prevents the water which has mineral substances from getting out and also prevents the plants from drying up. The relative humidity higher than 90 percent is absolutely safe and it seems like relative humidity between 50 to 75 percent is optimum. This level of humidity is gained when the relative humidity of the air from the air conditioners is between 80 to 90 percent.

The permitted distance between the fans and the pads is between 100 to 225 ft (30.5 to 68.8 m). In greenhouses the pads are installed at the two ends of the greenhouse and the fans are placed in the middle section. In some cases it is possible for the fans to be installed on the ceiling. For the distribution of air to be done suitably between the plants it is better for the fans to be installed in a shorter distance from each other 25 ft (7.6 m).


  •        A more healthy and sustainable growth
  •        Increase in growth rate and efficiency
  •        Improvement of the quality of the product


  from up to Description
height 120cm 200cm According to customer order
Length 60cm    
width 5cm 30cm According to customer order

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