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Pleasant Air in Poultry

Pleasant Air in Poultry(model 7090)

Poultries (like chickens) are more sensitive to heat in comparison with other animals and must be well protected against heat. Any mistakes made in regulating the temperature and humidity has its negative effect on the product. For instance when the temperature of the environment reaches 75˚F (29.1˚C) the amount of egg production decreases, the eggs become smaller and their shell becomes thinner.

Also a temperature of 100˚F (37.7˚C) ruins the eggs. Utilizing evaporative cooling in poultries helps improve chickens’ maturation and regarding the egg laying chickens, causes an increase in egg production. Also humid air causes ammonium, dust, carbon dioxide and the insects in the air to get out.  


  •        Suitable maturation of chicken
  •        Higher quality eggs in egg laying chickens
  •        Ammonium and carbon dioxide get out of the poultry  
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height 120cm 200cm According to customer order
Length 60cm    
width 5cm 30cm According to customer order

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